Warms the Heart: Craig Bielik

Craig Bielik is known for his ability to make people laugh and smile. He’s also known as someone who is heavily involved in the community and is constantly giving back. For this month’s Warms the Heart feature, we did a Q&A with Craig Bielik.  

The Besst Yet:  How are you involved in the community?

Craig: Oh boy! I love my community and I try to get involved as much as I can – which is too much at times! I am a member of the Ogden Weber Chamber and their Spiker Welcome committee. I am Marketing Director for the Ogden Pioneer Days Celebration; chair of Ogden’s Christmas Village and I have been members of various other community boards, such as RAMP, Red Cross, etc. I also volunteer comedy or emcee services for Intermountain Donor Services, the YCC, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Meals on Wheels, and so many others. I host two television programs with Channel 17: Crowd Surfing and Untamed TV. I am nervous about this list because I know I will have to leave some out and I do not want anyone to feel overlooked!

The Besst Yet:  Why do you choose to be involved in the community?

Craig: I like being with people and I love helping. I am also very rooted here: attending Pioneer Days Rodeo and Christmas Village are some of my favorite childhood memories; I like being part of that for others. AND…selfishly speaking. It is really fun! I really wish I could be two people.

The Besst Yet: What are some of the great things happening in this community?

Craig: Again, nervous about leaving anything out so let me just mention a few: ANYTHING happening in Downtown Ogden from Farmer’s Market to the Yehti Bash. Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo has been ranked in the Top 5 rodeos in America (out of more than 600!) and Ogden’s Christmas Village is listed among the largest and most beautiful Christmas Celebrations in the nation. Combine all the organized events with hundreds of outdoor recreation opportunities, and this community’s zeal for volunteering and you have, in my opinion, the best events a person can go to, anywhere.

The Besst Yet: You are always making people laugh and smile, how did you get started in comedy?

Craig: I started in 1987 at the Ogden Street Festival KJQ Comedy Competition – I took third place! Then started doing comedy regularly in 1997. I do it simply because I enjoy making people laugh and I relish all the various crazy (and sometimes downright scary) adventures that come with performing in clubs, finer truck stops and relief society picnics.

The Besst Yet: What’s your favorite joke or comedy line?

Craig: It is an old, long, very clean joke about a talking dog. I told it to my 99-year old Grandfather at least 20 times and he loved it every single time. Ask me to tell it to you in person.

The Besst Yet: Where can people see you perform?

Craig: Locally, the best place to catch me is at the Wiseguys Comedy clubs in Ogden, Salt Lake and at Jordan Landing. Very nice clubs and wonderful crowds. I travel out of state at times for gigs, too – including Idaho, Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska. I also do a ton of private and business parties – so book me!

The Besst Yet: Are you married? Have kids?

Craig: Yes! By a huge stroke of luck, I found a wife – and, as a bonus, she is not just any wife: she is a wonderful wife. Francene and I have been married for 33 years. We have two children, Ryan and Whitney, and three grandchildren (my first granddaughter arrived about 15 minutes before I answered these questions!)


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