Trails: Jumpoff Canyon Trail Head

This month for Hiking with Hope we are featuring a short, fun hike called Jumpoff Canyon.  The Trail Head is located across the street from St James Catholic Church… approximately 450 N Harrison Blvd in Ogden.
The trail starts out easy and a bit strange as you weave your way through the back yards of a few homes, but it quickly turns into an open easy trail! This trail can also be a little bit confusing as there are several different directions you can choose from. We chose to follow the signs that said North Jumpoff Canyon.
This trail is about a 2.6 mile loop and as it starts out easy it does turn into a steeper more rocky trail. It is a dog friendly trail and I think suitable for families of all ages, if you have very young children you might need to plan on packing them when it comes to the upper section of the trail.
This trail features incredible views of the valley as well as a waterfall certain times of the year. It is very exposed to the elements; therefore,

I would recommend going in the spring, fall or winter and the early mornings of summer before the sun gets too hot!    Jumpoff Canyon is full of beautiful views from everywhere you turn, it is sure to impress! As always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!! Happy Trails!!​

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