This Is Still A Good Life

A recent comment on the Facebook page This Is Still A Good Life reads:  Oh, the inspiration you bring to us all by sharing your life! Your words break my heart, inspire me, keep me grounded, keep me grateful for everything I am blessed with and appreciative of the little things that really are big things! You help me to look for the good in every challenge I am faced with and have endured! Thank you, Max’s Mommy and Daddy! You are Angels on earth!

After four years of hoping and praying for a baby, Max Carter King was born on November 17, 2015 to Tyler and Brittany King. Mighty Max was born with hydrocephalus, a meningocele at the base of his neck, cleft lip & palate, one tiny underdeveloped eye, a clubbed foot & a tilted heart. With hardly enough brain to function, Max miraculously lived for five weeks in the care of Primary Children’s Hospital NICU. He passed away on December 23, 2015.

Brittany started the blog, This Is Still A Good Life, when the couple started their journey to create a family.  Since then they have struggled with infertility, had three miscarriages and have lost their son Max.

“While it was the hardest day of our lives to let him go, it was also a beautiful and spiritual experience that I’ll never forget,” she said. “One of the reasons that I started this blog is I just want people to know that have to go through this, that’s there’s hope and I don’t want people to have to go through this alone.”

After Max passed away the couple and their family started doing service at Primary Children’s Medical Center.  They serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald Family Room twice a year. With tears in her eyes, Brittany recalls an experience she’ll never forget.

It was Max’s second birthday. I was cleaning up the dinner and I heard a question that I love to hear, “Are you Max’s mom?”  I smiled and I said, “Yes, I am Max’s mom.”  I could see the hurt in her eyes and she looked around and looked at everyone we were there with and she kind of tentatively asked me, “Is Max here?” I said, “No, he’s not, we lost him two years ago.”

This woman just started to cry and told me that they had just put their son on Palliative care that morning, meaning they were getting ready to let him pass away. We just held each other and cried. The woman then said, “So it’s been two years, in two years can I be standing here like you are right now? Will I be okay?”

And that was such a powerful moment for me because I realized I had this opportunity to switch places. Two years before that, I had people holding me and telling me I’ll be okay. That day I had the opportunity to turn around and tell this beautiful mom that should would be okay in time. There is just this bond you have with someone when you share infertility or miscarriage or infant loss that you can’t describe, you just know this person’s soul.

That’s why Brittany shares her experiences, joys and sorrows on her blog so that others can know that no matter what trials come their way, “This Is Still A Good Life.”

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