– A Nation of Rebels With One Desire: To Help Girls Shred Without Limits.

After buying her first Vogue magazine at age 12, Gina Duffy was hooked on fashion. After riding her first kneeboard at 14, she was hooked on action sports. After stealing her brother’s skateboard and skateboarder magazines in the mid 80’s she was hooked on the culture and the entire music art and fashion scene it created.

Fast forward a few decades and Gina is even more in love with action sports and fashion. That’s why she created is a local brand and apparel company with a social mission. A mission to build a community of sisterhood through the action/adventure lifestyle that has been very male dominated.

“We wanted to embolden more females to dip their toe in the water who haven’t tried them (action/adventure sports) yet and help girls progress who were already involved,” said Gina who is the founder and CEO of

“In 2013 when I originally had the idea, the time was ripe for such a movement. In the 3.5 years since inception, we have established trust from these women, built relationships with them and gained respect in the industry. We didn’t just jump on the bandwagon, we started carving the trail.”

Living in Chicago, Gina and her husband Tony were always going far away from the city to do the things that they loved.

“We decided it was time for a change,” she said. “After our last snowboard vacation to Utah we completely uprooted our lives and moved to the side of Powder Mountain to have instant access to the sports that we loved and nourished our soul.”

Moving to Utah gave Gina the opportunity to immerse herself in this action-adventure lifestyle every single day and that’s when she noticed some big gaps for females.

“Time and time again I would be the only girl in the group or hear from other girls that they had no other girls to ride with. I couldn’t find the support and community to back me up and make me feel respected in this lifestyle,” she said. “Time and time again I didn’t want the pink jacket, board, boots or helmet. I heard the same thing from many girls…’oh I just buy the guy’s stuff even if it’s too big.’” is determined to change just that. To not only create a community for girls and women but to allow them to express themselves and their personal style while doing the action/adventure sports that they love.

“What I would love it to be is continuing to grow this amazing community of passionate females,” she said. “I want younger girls to grow up with SheShreds and never have to feel like there’s not a place for them in this lifestyle and these sports.” is currently working on their own team, mentoring and promoting girls who are already ambassadors and are trying to go pro. They are using their assets to help get these girls to the top of their field and building a scholarship program for them where they can apply for funds to help them with travel costs, competition fees, etc.

They are hoping to eventually have more camps and clinics and do more to really help support girls and to help them progress in their sports. Learn more at or on Facebook

When you ride, we roar. When you win, we cheer. When you fall, we pick you back up. We are small, but our ideas are huge. And together, with girls like you, we will continue to make a difference. – Gina Duffy

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