A New Dawn – New beginnings for women and children in recovery

A New Dawn

“On the surface I would be called a ‘recovering addict’. Recovering from an addiction to opiates as the general public would call them. They are just pills and heroin to me….opiates sounds a little silly or pharmaceutical. The truth is, I’m recovering from a lifestyle…not just drugs.  When you are an addict so much of your life has revolved around it. When you suddenly decide to quit it takes a total reprogramming of the brain and habits.“ — Kat

Kat went from the absolute social status high of living in a beautiful suburb community with her young family, to the proverbial “hitting rock bottom” and homeless on the coast of California, interspersed with long periods of incarcerations,  several ‘rehabs’ and 12-step programs.

Very early in recovery Kat found healing in service.  “It kept me clean, happy, connected and safe.” In the last several years she has led and taught courses on healthy sexuality and self-love, based on her own battle with self acceptance and self forgiveness.  It has broadened her reach and positioned her as a singular role model and voice of clarity for other recovering addicts and those struggling with PTSD and all forms of abuse. She believes in the healing balm of sisterhood, relating to and finding the ‘soulful’ connection with others. She notes, “It was the women in my communities of incarceration, 12-step programs and rehab that showed me the love I needed in my life.  They taught me how to fight, to fight for my own life”.

Midst building her life back, she barreled through endless obstacles that were in her way from succeeding. During this time she saw a true need and lack of support to women and children in the recovery world.  She connected to other women in recovery, finding that they also struggled with things so simple as feeding themselves or their children, having transportation to jobs, all while trying to improve their self esteem and make amends with the wrongs they had committed. This is where she saw a huge NEED and she started doing something about it.

For years Kat has done humanitarian work entirely on her own.  She has put thousands of miles on her car, thousands of dollars out of her own pocket and endless amount of hours connecting people, donations and resources. She recently became the founder of a nonprofit called A New Dawn.The ultimate mission for A New Dawn is to provide aid to women and children in recovery from abuse, addiction or any serious traumatic life event.  Aid is offered to those who are in serious need that have tried other avenues and there are gaps in what they need in order to succeed.  Bridging the gap between society and those in recovery.  Often people have also burnt all of their bridges, so they can have all intentions of wanting to try but have no tools to do so.  On the flip side there are families who have given so much to their loved ones but are simply burnt out.  A New Dawn acts as a middle ground of helping those who want to give back and also being able to filter those that would take advantage of programs.

For being just a few months old, the nonprofit has already made a dramatic difference in the community.  It has brought together Kat’s already supportive contributors and attracted more amazing people as word gets out. Together we can change the world and this organization is dedicated to do just that!

A New Dawn is always looking for Volunteers and Donations. To stay up-to-date on current and upcoming projects visit their website at www.anewdawnfoundation.com Email at anewdawnmission@gmail.com

Or FOLLOW them on Facebook and Instagram @anewdawn501A New Dawn

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