Hiking Green Pond Trail

Hiking Green Pond Trail
This month we are off on a very easy, family friendly winter hike adventure!
We are visiting the Green Pond Trail! This trail is located near Snowbasin Ski Resort in Huntsville. Depending on how long you want to make your hike, the trail can be 3.2 miles out and back or you can make it a 6 mile hike around a loop. This is a great year round trail and is one of my favorite winter hikes! You will see wildlife, a lot of birds and the views are just stunning, of course!! There is also a little picnic area near the pond as well.
A few things to know about winter hiking: 
* Wear layers, it can get warm once you are getting your heart rate up, but the weather can change and things can get colder fast.  Hats and gloves are a must as well.
* I like to wear extra traction on my shoes or boots. There are plenty of options like YakTrax or any kind of ice spikes at local outdoor stores.  Trails can get slippery and icy in the winter, so these are a must for me!
*Always bring plenty of water and sustainable snacks.
* Wear sunscreen, the UV rays bouncing off the snow are much higher than we realize!
* I carry matches and some paper with me just incase. If I get hurt or lost I might need to stay warm until help arrives. I also keep a headlamp or flashlight with me incase I get stuck in the dark.
* Take a friend with you! It’s always safer and funner to have someone with you.
* Bring a portable phone charger…the cold weather can drain your battery much faster than warm weather.
* Take a map and know where you are going… there can be a lot of trails made off the main trails from snowshoers and cross country skiers, so stay aware of where you are and how to get back to where you came from.
* HAVE FUN!! Winter hiking is amazing!! Utah winters can get cold and ugly down in the city when the inversions hit, but when you get up into the mountains you’ll find clear skies and healthy air… sometimes it’s even warmer!
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