Chair the Hope: A story of faith and love

Nathan Ogden and his family are Warming Hearts across the country, including here in Northern Utah. In July of 2017, the family of six from Meridian, Idaho, took a two-week, 1,200 miles family bike ride from Mt. Bachelor, Oregon to Los Angeles, California to raise awareness and money for wheelchairs to be delivered to global citizens in developing countries.

Because the Ogden family knows first hand what it’s like living with a disability, they created the charity, CHAIR THE HOPE. The goal is to inspire others to get outside and keep moving despite disabilities, fears, or excuses, while raising $100,000 to donate to the Wheelchair Foundation.
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Just over fifteen years ago, Nathan Ogden’s life changed dramatically. He became paralyzed after breaking his neck in a ski accident in Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. Over the next year he made excellent progress and regained some upper body strength and mobility when he was hit with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. While there and unconscious, he was dropped from the X-ray table and broke his neck a second time, causing additional loss of his upper body function. Now, as a quadriplegic, he lives a full life and wants to help others do the same.

“This experience started out with taking wheelchairs to people throughout the world and this past year it has turned into something that has changed hundreds of peoples lives,” said Heather, Nathan’s wife. “And with the showing of the new film, ‘Hope, A story of faith and love,’ it will have the ability to reach thousands of people throughout the world.”
The movie, was filmed by the Ogden-based company, Masterpiece Images and was shown at the Cinepointe 6 theater on May 21.

“The coolest thing about this year is to see how much this experience has brought our family together,” said Nathan. “We went to Mexico and to see my children physically lift these people and put them in the wheelchairs and push them around and talk to them… it was so powerful.”
The Ogden family says that this is just the beginning of something great, that will make such a positive difference in the life of others.
“We want to show people that they can do hard things and that by doing something hard is where you really see the joy,” said Nathan. “That’s where the magic happens is when you go out there and push yourself to new limits.”

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